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A Silicon Valley technology firm approached Innovius needing an efficient defense solution against potentially aggressive, non-practicing entities (NPEs). The threat that these NPEs pose, were through acquiring patent portfolios and then asserting them against implementers.

Ultimately, the client liked the model of springing licenses upon transfer of patents to NPEs, but also wanted to get that protection from patent owners outside traditional defensive networks.  The client relied on the Innovius team to recruit high-volume patent sellers into a custom program to grant licenses-upon-transfer when those patents were transferred to an NPE.

Technologies included

The program involved virtually all patents across the patent owners’ entire portfolios and a number of different technologies.


This was a new deal structure that many patent owners were either unfamiliar with or had previously rejected.   


The Innovious team used their extensive experience to educate and inform the client of the value that the program generated for their patents. The exchange of fees made this program standout from other defensive programs.


The client received thousands of licenses as the patent owners have continued developing their portfolios and divesting assets to willing buyers.

In addition, the success of this partnership paved the way for this program to be scalable to multiple clients in the future.

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